Our Impact

Our Culturous participants reflect and elaborate on their experience in online feedbacks after every module and the end of every program. Their feedback is crucial to measure our impact and the
continuous development of the program.

2021 Program Impact
based on program data, weekly feedback, and final program assessments.

We accepted 107 participants from 27 countries to the program

80% of the participants who completed the program achieved a 100% participation rate!

100% of respondents stated that the program provided them:
Better understanding of other
- Help in developing cross-
cultural competence
- Inspiration to continue
learning about cultures

98% of respondents are likely to recommend the program to family and friends in the future.

95% of respondents say the program connected them to other teenagers they would otherwise not been able to meet.

Participants joined us from all around the world.
EU = Western/Central/Eastern Europe
NA = North America
SA = Central/South America
MENA = Middle East/North Africa
AF = Africa
AS = Asia