How it Works

The Program

Culturous is a cost-free online program that provides an increased level of access, affordability,
and convenience for cultural
exchange and personal development for teenagers from around the world.

Our participants are developing awareness, understanding, and compassion for other cultures, building
future-orientated skills, and connect
ing with an international peer group.

8-week program design is focused on the development of:

  • Cross-Cultural Competence (learning, teaching, gaining awareness/understanding)

  • Communication (listening, speaking, presenting, writing)

  • Compassion (connecting, interacting, relationship-building)

How It Works

Participants are matched in small groups (max. six to seven people) that are going together through the
eight-week program with weekly changing modules. Each module includes:

  • A new cultural topic of the week

  • A short knowledge session

  • Online activities

  • An live online group session for exchange and conversation

We are using open platforms (mainly Google applications) with content that is easy to access. There are no hidden costs for apps, software, or materials during the program.

With completion of the program, the participants receive a (digital) Certificate and will be invited to join the Culturous Alumni Group to stay in touch and continue to communicate and learn from each other.

Time Requirements for Participants

We know how busy the life of a teenager can be. Therefore, the program is designed for optimal flexibility.

The knowledge sessions and online activities can be done individually during the week based on the participant's schedule. The online group session will be held on reoccurring days/times on the weekends, based on the availability of the participants

  • Knowledge session: about 5-10 minutes during the week (asynchronous)

  • Online Activity: about 30-60 minutes during the week (asynchronous)

  • Online group session: 60 minutes on the weekend (synchronous)