What Participants Say

Here is what our Culturous Alumni have to say about the program: 

"It was the effort that was taken by the culturous whole organization. Such a great platform for me to get to know better about the other cultures and even my own culture through researches that I've done these weeks. I also gain a lot of good memories,knowledges and friends."  - Poovizhi from Malaysia, Pilot Program 2021

My favorite part is meeting different and dynamic teenagers from around globe. Before this program, I never thought I would meet with people from other cultures (...). But to my greatest suprise; I did meet new people and I understood them with no biases. My team was superb, they were interactive, funny and very cool _and also open to new ideas. I am so excited i got to learn about their cultural identities." - Noella from Cameroon, Pilot Program 2021

'I really enjoyed sharing and talking openly with other people around my age about subjects I don't normally have the opportunity to talk about. It felt like such a fun, supportive community, and I got the chance to meet people I can now consider my friends." - Jennifer from the United States of America, Pilot Program 2021

"It made me travel around the world but in a virtual program - it opened for me gates around the world while I was viewing it from home . It makes us feel as if we have known each others for a long time and creates bonds between others and makes us see how similar our cultures are." - Salma from Egypt, Spring Program 2021

"It helped me connect with other people of my age that I wouldn't have been able to meet otherwise because of the barrier the distance between our different countries. My favorite things were getting to know how other people from different cultures live their everyday lives." - Valeria from Mexico, Spring Program 2021

"I enjoyed learning more about my culture and other cultures. I also enjoyed interacting with new people. I now have someone I know in (...) Egypt, Colombia, Mexico and Ghana. Am very grateful about the program." - Emmanuel from Uganda, Spring Program 2021

"I enjoyed getting to know new cultures and to meet new people of my age, but they think differently than me. I learned a lot and loved participating in activities. They helped me learn about beautiful cultures and understand my culture more clearly."  - Aya from Iraq, Summer Program 2021

"I got a great exposure to other cultures. I became more open minded and confident while sharing my own cultural knowledge. The favorite thing about this program was the freedom given to you for grasping ideas." - Japteg from India, Summer Program 2021

"Not only was the main concept of talking and sharing with other people quite fun, but the fact that I learned a lot in the process!"
Gabriela from Colombia, Summer Program 2021

"I really enjoyed being able to make my culture known and make myself known a little more, I loved interacting with people of my own age and from other cultures, it was great."  - Franshezka from Costa Rica, Summer Program 2021

The overall structure and inclusivity of the program made it enjoyable and interesting for me.  My favourite thing about the program were the group meeting that were held every week. They affected my perspective on culture and cultural exchange the most."  - Dania from Pakistan, Summer Program 2021

"Because the zoom meeting with friends all over the world makes me feel happy I didn’t have opportunities to connect or talk directly with people in other countries before I take part in this program."  - Ayako from Japan, Summer Program 2021

"It was such a wonderful experience to get to know about other people's cultures, talk to different people, share about my culture, get engaged with everyone. I felt like a whole different person now. I am so delighted that I joined the Culturous Program. This has truly been the best experience of my life so far. I now have amazing memories to cherish and talk about to everyone." - Parwadie from Guyana, Autumn/Fall Program 2021

"It gave me the opportunity to learn about different cultures from around the world as well as making new friends. My favorite thing is that I had the chance to listen and learn new things about people from diverse backgrounds and cultures as well as getting the chance to also interact with them!" - Jana from Egypt, Autumn/Fall Program 2021

"It was fantastic! It connected me to other teenagers from other countries and cultures. And I learn so much about other cultures. I liked the enthusiasm of the other participants and it was fun also answering each other's questions." - Emeline from Togo, Autumn/Fall Program 2021

"I developed  my mind and my vision of life at this age and from home, as well as my English, and I got to know a group of friends and I enjoyed in the program very much." - Mohammed from Iraq, Autumn/Fall Program 2021